Things to Do in Bluff Utah - San Juan River and Monument Valley

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Things to Do
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Wild Expeditions has been the go to outfitter on the San Juan River since 1957.  Offering land expeditions throughout Cedar Mesa, Butler Wash, North Wash and Bears Ears, our team of passionate stewards strive to share their love and knowledge of wilderness experiences in some of the most epic landscapes on earth with guests from around the world both on land and by river. Book your expedition today!

Bluff Dwellings Resort

Cedar MESA

Cedar Mesa is the center bullseye of all Native American sites for archeological treasures in Utah with thousands of ruins and rock art locations to discover. Choose your own level of challenge to find them. Hiking access ranges from novice to advanced. Other ruins and art require the most rugged all wheel drive vehicles to reach. From only a few carefully planned hours to extended, wandering multiple day visits, every adventure is rewarded with an overload of history and artifacts. Surrounding it all is the natural grandeur of an interconnected system of spectacular, dramatic, scenic trails and canyons. You won’t stop focusing and clicking the shutter on your camera.

Want to really do it right? Let Wild Expeditions guide you on your wilderness journey. Their years of experience, intimate familiarity with local terrain and knowledge of local history combine to create an unforgettable, unequaled, personalized expedition.

Bluff Dwellings Resort


“Other Worldly” might be the best description for Lake Powell; the second largest man made lake in America. Beyond the expected excitement of it’s traditional, diverse water activities, the extraordinary physical uniqueness of this playground boldly beckons an irresistible invitation to explore. With two thousand miles of shoreline and ninety six major side canyons, Lake Powell offers a myriad of adventures and stories to discover. Every detour through every channel creates an ever changing, 360 degree visual feast of deep blue water and indescribable sun striped rock formations. Let your imagination transform your expedition into memories that cannot be created anywhere else on earth.

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Simply put, this is the definitive meaning of a “Can’t Miss” experience. Moki Dugway is a road….no, make that a trail. It is three miles long snaking twelve hundred feet above Cedar Mesa on the side of a mountain featuring a series of narrow, steep, packed gravel switchback paths. Your ascent or descent will have you snuggly hugging the inside of the peak while other times perched on the very outside edge of the ridge. Sound thrilling? It is! But, the real thrill is the indescribably scenic vistas of Monument Valley and Valley Of The Gods as you leisurely negotiate the rugged twists and turns of the dugway. There is no other experience like it in all of Utah.

Want a less daring way to climb the dugway? Let Wild Expeditions drive you. You’ll start the trip seeing the amazing rock towers of Valley Of The Gods, safely scamper up the dugway then arrive at Muley Point on top in time to enjoy a vast, brilliant sunset. You won’t stop taking photos the whole way.

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This is the perfect spot to admire naturally created, magnificently sculpted, visually dramatic rock bridges. Viewing pleasure is accessible for guests of every adventure level. There is a nine mile road for vehicles with grand overlooks of each of the bridges surrounded by scenic canyon majesty. Want a close up look? There are moderate to difficult hiking paths leading to each of the bridges. Nothing compares to the bottom up views of the bridges. Woven throughout this amazing landscape maze is ample evidence of the ancient indigenous people who once occupied these grounds.

Natural Bridges has the distinction of being the very first official International Dark Sky Park in the world. Cover yourself beneath a stunning celestial canopy with views stretching to Jupiter twenty one million miles away. Photographers and astronomers alike regularly describe this location as their premier experience for an extraordinary panoply of stars, galaxies and solar systems.

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How do you squeeze six miles of river into one and a half breathtaking miles? Mother Nature achieved this miracle at The Goosenecks. Here The San Juan River has taken three hundred million years to carve its path down into the earth one thousand feet. The awe inspiring result is a twisting, turning, meandering waterway framed by towering, colorful, multi strata shale and limestone walls. Words can’t begin to describe the panoramic overlook view. That’s why you have to visit! Witness the majesty in person, make your own photographic journal and walk away with an unforgettable memory irresistible to share.

For the truly adventurous, let Wild Expeditions take you on a guided trip on the San Juan River through The Goosenecks. There is no greater thrill than the incomparable experience of looking up and waving to all the jealous visitors standing amazed on the distant overlook above! And that is only a small part of the stunning scenery, rock formations, hiking, wildlife, Native American ruins and rock art you will enjoy throughout the entire multi-day wilderness trek.

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Create your own individual adventure in Valley Of The Gods. You’re surrounded by fifty square miles of free to roam open space desert with no designated trails. Blaze your own unrestricted route for hiking, backpacking and camping surrounded by an amazing variety of desert plants and animals. Of course the highlight of Valley Of The Gods is the seventeen mile rugged, unpaved road wandering among ten towering rock monoliths with whimsical names like Lady In The Bathtub, Setting Hen Butte and Devil’s Window.

The best way to see Valley Of The Gods is by taking a fully guided tour provided by Wild Expeditions. You’ll not only see the sights, but hear the stories and traditions behind the amazing rock formations. And it doesn’t stop at Valley Of The Gods. We’ll also take you on a thrill ride up Moki Dugway and arrive just in time for a spectacular sunset at Muley Point.

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For ten thousand years, six historically different indigenous peoples lived here and contributed to the ten stone and masonry structures on site. Their original function ranged from dwellings to ceremonial purposes and celestial observation. The amazing construction can be viewed on a one and a half mile hiking trail.

There is a reason Hovenweep is open twenty four hours a day. Due to its remote location, it has been given an official International Dark Sky Park designation. With almost no light pollution, constellations and the Milky Way dance overhead even to the naked eye providing unparalleled photo opportunities.