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Welcome to our Native Village

Bluff Dwellings resort is designed to represent 3,000+ years of Native American habitation in the four corners region. We have created a Native American village of dwellings or structures that represent those used by families from Neolithic time until today.

Four Glamping Tipi are available which represent this time period and lifestyle. Between the millennium and 1,500 AD, the “Ancestral Puebloans” developed vast communities in the region as they settled down and developed an agriculture-based way of life and their homes reflected it. They used pit houses, stone structures, and cliff dwellings to provide shelter while they cultivated their corn, bean, and squash crops.

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Bluff Dwellings Resort


Luxury King Bed & Bathroom
55” TV with on demand movies, Netflix and Direct TV Channels.
Rain Water Shower heads and custom made sinks.

Bluff Dwellings Resort

in Bluff

If you’re seeking a unique and memorable glamping experience in Bluff, Utah, look no further than the charming tipis that offer a perfect blend of comfort and adventure.