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About Us
Bluff Dwellings Resort

About Us – In our early years together, we discovered a passion for everything outdoors. Dumpster diving and garage sales enabled us to obtain the necessities of life that filled our apartment, but the majority of our meager income went towards outdoor gear. Carabiners, tents, lightweight stoves, hiking boots, and Goretex became the sustenance of life. Living in the outdoors slowed down a bit as our family started to grow but our little ones were no strangers to runny noses and prickly pear cactus as we all explored new places in southern Utah. The first two kids strapped in a chest pack and in a backpack were relatively easy. It was eight small adventurers all under one roof that taught us patience and forced us to buy our first 4×4 van. Schooling and corporate America took our family away for a time giving us other valuable adventures, but the call of the desert was persistent. In 2006, we took a leap of faith. Leaving the University Professor life behind, we moved our family to Blanding, Utah to teach in the public schools.

The beginning OF OUR ADVENTURE

Teaching high school again required a second job. Living in such an inspiring place, we started dreaming of our summers spent guiding people to the canyons that we love. In 2010 we pursued our first permit with the BLM and began our adventure as “Tour business owners”. The journey has been congruent with our family motto: Work Hard – Play Hard. Though perhaps a little unbalanced towards the “work” part, we’ve loved the friendships we’ve made and are proud of connections we’ve fostered with the landscapes and culture that surrounds us. In 2014 we decided to add San Juan River expeditions and began dreaming of a destination resort that would give guests a chance to immerse themselves in a true wilderness and cultural experience.

Bluff Dwellings Resort brings together years of dreams, passion, and love with unrivaled guest services and amenities. You simply must experience the resulting world-class experience. Nestled in the red rock cliffs of our canyon, Bluff Dwellings is the perfect place to unwind, explore, and disconnect.

Bluff Dwellings Resort

What to EXPECT

The Native American architecture is designed to remove the barriers to the landscape and lure you into the outdoors. The 16-acre property borders the initial Bears Ears National Monument giving you room to explore right from your door. Rooms are well appointed with uniquely designed cultural and environmental décor and finish bringing the outdoors in. Enjoy a workout in the wellness center with spectacular views of the pool and beautiful sandstone cliffs. Bask in the sun or wind down in the shade but be sure to cool off in the pool or heat up in the spacious Hot tub while you take in the majestic surroundings. The “HóZhó SPA” offers a place of wellbeing and peace featuring customized massages and native botanical products.

We invite you TO JOIN US

Our tour company “Wild Expeditions” offers unique wilderness journeys to fit everyone’s time, interest, and fitness level. Join us in one of the most perfectly located iconic wilderness landscapes of South Eastern Utah. https://www.riversandruins.com/

Remnants and ruins of the Native American Ancestral Puebloan culture add awe and wonder as you explore the canyons thinking about great civilizations that inhabited the landscape in the past. The Navaho, Ute, and Zuni tribes that still live in the region give meaning, reverence, and perspective to the heritage of this land. We want to share this special place with all who come. Consider us as your primary destination or drop in as you pass through the region. You won’t regret it. We will help you make your experience one that is unforgettable no matter how brief or extensive it is. Above all, we will do all we can to help you “Love the Journey.”


Jared and Spring Berrett